Neighbourhood batteries


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Neighbourhood-scale batteries unlock opportunities to increase energy storage and ease demand on the electricity network.

Neighbourhood-scale batteries connect to the electricity network and are an exciting initiative to innovate the way we distribute energy to Canberra homes and businesses.

Benefits of neighbourhood-scale batteries

  • Increase capacity in the network, allowing more solar to be connected
  • Store and share solar generation within the neighbourhood
  • Regulate voltage levels on the network within the neighbourhood
  • Provide insights on how neighbourhood-scale batteries could be utilised in the future

Neighbourhood-scale batteries in the ACT

We’re collaborating with the ACT Government, who are supporting us to deliver three neighbourhood-scale batteries. They will be located in: 

  • Casey
  • Dickson
  • Fadden

Each battery will be connected to an electrical substation in the area, which services between 60 and 120 households.

We expect these batteries to be installed in 2025, and will engage with the community throughout the project. More information will be shared as we progress through the project.

This project is funded by grants from the Australian Government’s Community Batteries for Household Solar program.

More about neighbourhood-scale batteries

  • What the batteries will look like

    We’re working on the procurement of these batteries and have not yet selected a brand or model. However, neighbourhood-scale batteries are bigger than a battery you would have in your home and are generally around the size of half a shipping container.

  • Battery locations

    The location of these batteries in Casey, Dickson and Fadden have been pre-selected as part of the grant from the Australian Government.

    Within these suburbs, factors such as safety, accessibility, visibility, environment, and network constraints will be carefully considered to determine the exact location.

  • Battery safety

    Neighbourhood-scale batteries are safe, and safety is our priority through all stages of this project. These batteries are subject to technical and safety regulations which cover fire, electromagnetic radiation, flood risk, and other environmental hazards.

    Like other assets in our electricity network, these batteries can be controlled remotely from our 24/7 Control Room. If our 24/7 Control Room team notice anything abnormal with the batteries, they will be able to remotely disconnect them from the network.

    We will also be liaising with the relevant authorities, such as the ACT Fire & Rescue, to ensure they are informed about the technical aspects and locations of these batteries.

  • Noise levels

    Evoenergy batteries will be installed to comply with the relevant environmental standards. Noise from neighbourhood-scale batteries is primarily generated by the cooling systems which maintain a safe temperature for the battery.

    Noise impacts will be a consideration during the procurement process and when deciding where they will be installed.

  • Increased capacity for solar

    These batteries will be able to store excess solar generated in the local network. This stored energy will be used later in the day when it is needed.

  • How participation in the project will work

    The battery will be connected to a substation in the selected suburbs and households connected to this substation will be participants. No sign-up is required to be connected to the battery.

  • Batteries during power outages

    Neighbourhood-scale batteries will not supply power to connected properties during a power outage. This is a safety mechanism to ensure our crews are protected while they work on the network to restore planned or unplanned electricity outages.

  • Noticing the batteries

    You may notice the batteries on the side of a street in your neighbourhood, however you generally won’t notice any impact to your everyday electricity use.