Outage SMS


13 10 93


13 19 09

We send SMS about planned electricity outages in your area to keep you informed.

Planned outage

Prior to a planned electricity outage for essential network maintenance, we will send an SMS to the primary account holder (for your electricity retail account) in advance of the outage. We’ll also send you an SMS the day before as a reminder, or if the outage has been cancelled. This is in addition to a physical letter you will receive.

How to receive an SMS from us

We will send an SMS to the primary account holder for your electricity retail account. Check your details are up to date with your retailer.

When you won’t receive an SMS

There are some circumstances where you may not receive an SMS for an electricity outage affecting your property, these may include:

  • You are not the primary account holder.
  • The electricity outage is unplanned.
  • There is an issue with your mobile service provider which makes you unable to receive SMS.

How we have your phone number

The Australian Energy Market Operater (AEMO) B2B Procedure Customer and Site Details Notification Process governs how we receive your data from your energy retailer for the purpose of notification of essential services.

Your privacy is important to us and we handle your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.