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We understand some people rely on a reliable electricity supply to operate life support equipment. If this is you, or someone residing at your premises, you will need to register your equipment with us and make sure you have a plan to manage your equipment.

Life support equipment is classified as:

  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Intermittent peritoneal dialysis machines
  • Kidney dialysis machine
  • Chronic positive airways pressure respirators (CPAP)
  • Crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment
  • Ventilators for life support
  • Equipment that your doctor says you need for life support

Complete the form

Complete the Medical Confirmation Form and send it to us at
You will need to provide the address of the premises, the date from which the equipment is required, the National Metering Identifier (NMI), and confirmation from a medical professional specifying the type of life support equipment.

We’ll register you

We will register you as a life support customer and let your energy retailer know. If you first let your energy retailer know, they will share your details with us. You will need to ask your retailer about available rebates.

Read the info from us

You’ll receive an update from us to help you manage your equipment during planned or unplanned outages.

Plan ahead

Although we strive to provide safe and reliable electricity, registering as a life support customer does not guarantee continuous 24-hour supply. Circumstances beyond our control such as weather, wildlife, or vehicles can result in an unplanned power outage.

While we’ll always respond quickly and safely to unplanned outages, it can take our crews some time to get the power back on. We recommend you develop a Device Emergency Management Plan in case of an interruption to your power supply.

If we have a planned outage coming up, we will give you at least four business days written notice giving details of the date, time and duration the interruption is scheduled for. In the event of an unplanned outage, our team will attempt to call you to notify you of the situation.

You can read more detailed information here information here about what it means to be a life support customer. The Australian Government also provides additional customer resources on energy and essential medical equipment at and

Considerations to prepare for an outage

Have an easily accessible, physical copy of your Emergency Management Plan that has been reviewed by your doctor and shared with your primary contacts.

Consider purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) device for temporary back-up power and considering the battery life of your equipment.

Check your contact details are up to date with your electricity Retailer so you we can contact you about planned outages via SMS, as well as our standard letter notification.

Ensure your medical supplies are easy to access and fully stocked.

Know where your electrical switchboard is located and how to check your main power switch.

Have general items handy such as a torch, battery-operated radio & bottles of water in an easily accessible location.

Consider if you can exit your home if there is no electricity, for example, if you have powered garage doors or gates.

For more options on how to contact us, visit here.