Prepare your site


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Before we can complete a connection, it’s important your site is ready for our crews and contractors.

Your works must be completed as per the basic connection design or construction drawings prior to us getting to site. The following installation requirements will need to be followed along with Evoenergy’s Service & Installation Rules.

If things don’t go to plan and you know ahead of time your site won’t be ready, call us on 13 23 86 so we can reschedule the works.

Overhead service installation

The point of attachment (POA) and any brackets (or similar devices) must be installed where the service marking indicates. You will need to supply approved service riser brackets and we will supply the fascia bracket, which can be picked up from our Greenway Depot reception. Neutral bonds are required for riser brackets and metal fascia. A 6mm earth needs to be installed from the fascia to the multiple earthed neutral (MEN) point. For more information refer to Evoenergy drawing 8913-12-05.

Before our crews arrive in site, ensure unrestricted access to the POA and associated infrastructure. A firm, level base with sufficient space to safely erect a standard extension ladder. For more information refer to Evoenergy drawing 3811-004.

Underground service installation

Evoenergy contractors may attend site prior to the proposed works date to undertake Evoenergy required civil works. This may occur between the customer supplied site ready date and the proposed works date. We must have clear access to all Evoenergy assets, meter boards and Points Of Entry (POE) at this time.

Conduits must be laid in accordance with the approved design and are generally in a position that is a straight line from boundary alignment to the POE or meeting enclosure. The installation requirements for the conduits, POE box, and meter box are in Evoenergy drawing 8912-02 and Evoenergy drawing 8912-03.

On installation you must also provide and install a standard hinged pre-drilled panel complying with Evoenergy drawing 8911-2211-101.

Meter installation and replacement

For meter installations, your electricity retailer will engage a metering provider who will organise their authorised meter technician to install all necessary equipment. This includes meter protection devices, service and metering neutral links, and associated wiring.

Site Access

All areas of the premises that we would reasonably be expected to access while carrying out this work must be made safe and not pose a risk to our workers health and safety. This includes controls for asbestos and taking appropriate action to prevent menacing or attack by animals.

Reschedule or cancellation charges

If customer requirements have not been completed, or you request a reschedule or cancellation within 48hrs of the proposed works date, a charge may be incurred. Payment of any charge will be required prior to rescheduling of the works.