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The ACT Government has announced its plans to electrify Canberra and transition away from the use of natural gas by 2045.

As the owner of the electricity and gas network, we are planning to enable a smooth transition of our network, and one that supports our customers. The below resources will assist you with the right steps to take if you are considering switching your home or business from gas to electricity.

The cost of most of these services can be found in our latest Schedule of Charges for electricity and gas.

Disconnect from the gas network

If you are ready to switch away from gas at your home or business, you will need to arrange a permanent gas disconnection. This is the safest option as it removes unused pressurised gas from your property. Visit our natural gas connections page to find out how to do this.

Upgrade your electricity connection

Depending on the amount of electricity you will be using at your property once you switch from gas – your electrician may let you know you will need to upgrade your electricity supply to a three-phase connection.

This is considered a modification to your connection and your electrician will assist with this process by completing the right process on our Connections page.

Install solar and battery

Solar and battery options provide you with the opportunity to generate and store your own electricity to power your premise. Before you install an embedded generation system, we need to assess the impact your system will have on our local network and your neighbourhood. All of the information for you and your solar installer is on our Solar and battery connections page.

Electric vehicle charging

Your charging needs will determine which type of EV charger and electricity connection is right for you. See our EV charging page for more information about the types of chargers and when we may need to know you’ve installed one.

Our five-year network plans

Both our electricity and gas network are regulated in five-year periods through plans we submit to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). These determine how we will operate, maintain, and invest in our networks to meet the future needs of the ACT.

Through this process we are actively planning for Net Zero 2045. See our electricity plan and gas plan for more information.