Building near utility assets


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Before building or landscaping on your property, check the placement of utility infrastructure on, or near your block. This includes projects such as extensions, pergolas, swimming pools, gardens, retaining walls, or scaffolding.

You will also need to complete our building and development approval form.

Before you dig

Underground infrastructure such as gas, electricity cables and water and sewer pipes need to be identified by making a free online request with Before You Dig Australia. Before You Dig Australia will pass the referral to the relevant utility services, who send the information to you, generally within two working days.

Locating utility service infrastructure will prevent damages and safety incidents, ensuring your construction project goes to plan.

Before You Dig

Minimum clearances and safe access

The minimum clearance distance required from energy infrastructure is generally 1.5 metres. If you build a structure that is too close, or interferes with utility infrastructure, you may be issued a Network Protection Notice and can face fines.

  • A clearance zone and safe access to our assets is required to ensure we can maintain our infrastructure safely and efficiently.
  • Infrastructure can include anything from pipes, poles, cables, wires, gas mains, and connection points.
  • Common interferences involve incidents of blocked access, and buildings being too close or on top of infrastructure.  

Pools and powerlines

We review pool and spa installations as part of the develop application. This involves checking the location for electrical assets to make sure your new pool or spa can be enjoyed safely and without the risk of electric shock or electrocution.

The below distances are a guide for pools and spas and must consider the sag of powerlines in warmer weather, and the swing of them in wind.

  • A minimum of 3.5 metres must be allowed from the edge of the pool or spa to the nearest powerline.
  • A minimum of 4 metres clearance must be allowed from the edge of the pool or spa to the nearest pole.
  • Minimum clearances of a swimming pool or spa in the vicinity of a substation will be individually assessed based on the earthing parameters in that location. This distance is typically 15-30 metres.
  • The same rules apply to above-ground pools.

Think outside your block

When building swimming pools or other structures, consider services and substations outside your block; minimum distances and other factors still apply. 

Never build too close to powerlines Never build over or close to pipes and cables 

Never dig holes without finding out where sewer, water or gas pipes or electricity cables are located Never build swimming pools close to electrical services or water or sewer mains