Working near the network


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Only authorised people and accredited organisations are allowed to come within safe approach distances to our network infrastructure.

  • Safe work practices related to the electricity network in the ACT are in the Electrical Safety Rules.
  • Before you start work on or near the network, you’ll need to undertake a site check for overhead network conductors and also check with Before You Dig Australia for underground cables.
  • Ensure the company you work for is accredited with Evoenergy and you have the appropriate level of authorisation.

Electrical Safety Rules

The electrical safety rules apply to contractors who have been granted the necessary approvals by Evoenergy to work on the network. The rules also apply to other parties working near or in the vicinity of our network.

Electrical Safety Rules
Civil Works Manual

Scaffolding and powerlines

Before erecting scaffolding, refer to the scaffolding near overhead powerlines policy to ensure you comply with safe distance requirements.

Electricity network safe distances

See page 23 of the Electrical Safety Rules for full details.

Voltage Nominal phase to phase AC (kV) Ordinary Persons and Supervised Workers Workers Authorised to Work Near Workers Authorised to Work On
LV – including communications, catenaries and earth wires connected to LV neutrals 1500mm 100mm Insulated Contact
Insulated LV 100mm 100mm Insulated Contact
Earthed metallic screened HV – insulated conductor 100mm Insulated Contact
Unscreened HV insulated conductor – up to and including 66 2000mm 700mm
HV – up to and including 22 2000mm 700mm
66 4000mm 1000mm
132 4000mm 1500mm

Gas network safe distances

Infrastructure Safe distance
Above ground Underground
Medium-pressure gas pipeline N/A 30cm
Gas meters 500mm N/A
Gas meter relief vent 500mm N/A
Regulating stations Perimeter fence N/A