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If you experience loss or damage to your property and believe it was because of an issue with your power supply or Evoenergy’s business activities, you may be eligible for compensation.


We may provide compensation to assist with recovering the cost of loss or damage that occurs as a direct result of Evoenergy’s negligence or breach of our obligations to you under your Deemed Standard Connection Contract (DSCC).

We do not compensate for damage or loss caused by events or circumstance outside of our control. This might include accidents, weather, vandalism, interference from vegetation or animals, or damage or loss caused by third parties. We recommend you contact your insurance company in these circumstances.

Claims are assessed on an individual basis and any compensation offered by Evoenergy will reflect the fair and reasonable cost for loss or damage. It is our policy to assess the replacement value of the claim taking into consideration the age and current resell value of the item being claimed.

Submit a claim

In the form, you will need to provide details of the incident and any loss or damage. This may include evidence of costs or damage incurred including any receipts, invoices, quotes, photographs, or reports to support your claim.

Depending on the nature of the claim, it may take up to 20 business days to receive an outcome. If you have any questions at any stage of the investigation, you can contact our claims team via email at

Appliance replacement

We will compensate the current market value cost of appliances damaged in a successful claim – not the appliance itself. Condition, age, make and model of the appliance are considered in the market value. We do not replace new-for-old appliances.

Loss of food in an unplanned outage

While we make reasonable efforts to maintain electricity supply, the National Electricity Retail Rules (NERR) Part 4 Division 6 and the Deemed Standard Connection Contract (DSCC) Clause 10.2. effectively means Evoenergy does not guarantee the supply of electricity at any time.

Section 316 of the NERR and Section 8 of our DSCC preclude our liability to you for any partial or total failure to supply energy to your premises unless we have acted in bad faith or negligently. This means if there is an unplanned outage that affects a premises and food is lost as a result, you may not be entitled to compensation.

Have your claim reconsidered

You can apply to have a claim reconsidered if you are not satisfied with the outcome. An officer who has not been involved in the original outcome will undertake the reconsideration of your claim. This is to ensure a fair and impartial reassessment. When the reconsideration is finalised, you will receive written advice for the outcome of the reconsideration and the reason for the decision.

It is important to indicate the basis upon why you believe the original claim decision was incorrect. Include any new and relevant information that may support your claim.