Incidents and emergencies


13 10 93


13 19 09

If there is a life-threatening emergency, call 000.

Electricity emergencies: 13 10 93 | Gas emergencies: 13 19 09 

Fallen, damaged or low hanging powerlines 

Fallen, damaged or low hanging powerlines should always be treated as live. Stay at least 10 metres away from the lines and any object they have come into contact with and call us immediately.

Damaged or unsecured equipment

If you strike or damage electricity or gas equipment:

  • Call 000 for life-threatening situations
  • Stay clear and call us so we can make the area safe.

You should also stay clear and call us if you notice damage to electricity poles, meters or substations, or doors left open or unlocked. The same applies for damage to the gas network.

Vehicle accident involving electrical assets

If your vehicle hits a power pole, powerlines or green pillar box, do not leave your vehicle because you could come into contact with live electricity.

  • Stay in the vehicle.
  • Call triple zero (000) immediately for life-threatening situations.
  • Wait for help. Treat all powerlines and other electrical equipment as live.
  • Never try to rescue an accident victim whose vehicle has come into contact with electrical assets. Stay at least 10 meters away.

If it is not safe to stay in the vehicle and you must leave, use the following steps to protect yourself from electric shock:

  • Assess your escape and check for fallen powerlines.
  • Jump away from the vehicle with both feet together. Avoid touching the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Continue this movement until you are at least 10 meters away from the vehicle.
  • If you cannot jump with both feet together, shuffle so both feet are always touching the ground.
  • Do not return to the vehicle until authorities have declared it is safe to do so

Electrical fires

Call triple zero (000) if you notice fire, sparks or flames coming from electricity equipment, or a fire in the vicinity of electrical equipment. Do not attempt to fight the fire yourself.

  • Treat all equipment as live and stay at least 10m away.
  • Keep upwind from smoke.
  • Do not apply water to the fire.
  • Keep bystanders clear.

Natural gas leak

To help you detect the presence of gas, a strong odorant that smells like rotten eggs is added. If you smell gas inside or outside your home call our gas faults and emergencies line on 13 19 09. More information is on our Natural gas safety page.


Access Canberra handles general enquiries about streetlights. Please call them on 13 22 81 to report a fault or to make an enquiry, alternatively you can report streetlight outages online.

Reporting theft

Theft or illegal interference with our distribution network is a serious offence and can pose serious harm. If you see or suspect vandalism or illegal activities to energy infrastructure, stay away and call us, or complete this form.