Certificate of electrical safety


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The Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) is an important requirement set by Access Canberra. It is required for new electrical work, alterations or repairs to existing electrical systems.

The purpose of the CES is to verify the electrical work done on your property has been completed by a licensed electrician and meets the required safety standards.

Detailed guidelines on the types of work requiring a CES can be found on the Access Canberra website.

A CES can only be issued by a licensed electrician or an Access Canberra electrical inspector. After completing any electrical work, your electrician should provide you with a copy of the certificate and they will submit it to Access Canberra.

When a CES needs to be presented to Evoenergy

If an incident occurs on the electricity network that affects your home, we will promptly notify you about the need for a CES. In this case, Evoenergy will need to be presented with a copy of your CES form before we can restore power. This ensures your electrical system is safe so we can turn your power back on.

Re-energisation of properties

Under new legislation (ACT Electricity Safety Act), properties that have had their power disconnected for more than 6 months require a safety inspection to be carried out before Evoenergy can reconnect supply.

Your home must be inspected, tested, and be found compliant by an Access Canberra electrical inspector.

Once this check has been completed by the Access Canberra electrical inspector, Evoenergy crews will then verify compliance.

If evidence of compliance is not provided, Evoenergy will not proceed with re-energisation or reconnection until all necessary requirements have been met.

Evoenergy does not guarantee immediate power restoration. For same day re-energisations, Evoenergy must receive residential requests by 2pm and commercial requests 1pm.