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Safe, reliable energy for the Canberra region.

We own, maintain and operate the electricity distribution network in the ACT and the gas network in the ACT and parts of NSW. We supply safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity to over 200,000 residential and business electricity customers, and over 140,000 gas customers.

We’re focused on safety, reliability, innovation and sustainability when it comes to our energy networks.

From electricians, to engineers, to office workers – we employee over 300 local people. Our business operates every hour, every day of the year to power the Canberra community.

All people who live in the areas of our network are our customer. We are different from your energy retailer, who is responsible for managing your account, billing, and for organising connections, disconnections and new meter requests.

We are licensed by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) to provide distribution, and connection services in the ACT. We are also registered with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Who owns Evoenergy

Evoenergy is the name used by the electricity poles and wires, and gas pipes business part of ActewAGL Distribution. ActewAGL Distribution is part of the ActewAGL Joint Venture.

Our structure

Evoenergy is made up of five core Groups which support the operation of our business and delivery of services. These are Customer Delivery, Network Services, Major Projects, Strategy & Operations and Gas Networks.

We are also supported by corporate services from ActewAGL Distribution for safety, finance, human resources, and technology.

Our network

Our electricity network supplies 200,000 customers and covers over 2,000 square kilometres. Our gas network supplies 140,000 customers and covers over 4,500 square kilometres.

Our network

Work health, safety, environment and quality

Our Work Health Safety Environment and Quality Policy ensures our activities are carefully managed to protect the community, our workers, and the environment.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines how our employees are expected to behave at work. It applies to all Evoenergy workers representing our business.

Where Evoenergy started

It all began in 1915, when the Kingston Power Station (now Canberra Glassworks), was switched on and the energy for our city was ignited.

The Power Station was the first permanent building constructed in Canberra and generated and transmitted electricity at 5,500 volts. Initially electricity was supplied to Duntroon and Acton by transmission lines and the first streetlights were built in Acton.

Over the years, we've contributed to the building of Canberra's vital infrastructure. You can find out more information about the ActewAGL Joint Venture here.