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Every five years, Evoenergy prepares a detailed plan about how it will operate, maintain, and invest in the electricity network to meet the future needs of the ACT. This electricity five-year plan is submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) for consideration and approval to determine how costs associated with the electricity network are passed onto consumers.

Our revised electricity five-year plan for 2024-29 (EN24) was largely approved by the AER in April 2024 and will commence 1 July 2024.

Current five-year plan (2019-24)

2019-24 electricity network five-year plan

2019-24 Tariff Structure Statement

2019-24 Tariff Structure Explanatory Statement

Upcoming five-year plan (2024-29)

2024-29 electricity network five-year plan

2024-29 Tariff Structure Statement

2024-29 Tariff Structure Explanatory Statement

2024-29 Indicative Pricing Schedule

2024-29 Transmission Pricing Methodology

Included in our five-year plan

What it’s all about

Our five-year plan covers many aspects and details of how we propose to operate and invest in the electricity network, and a central element of the plan is our estimate of the lowest sustainable cost of managing the electricity network in the ACT. This estimate needs to consider expected growth in the demand for electricity and electricity network connections in the coming five years, as well as managing the network in a way that ensures a quality, reliable, secure and safe electricity supply.

What we consider

  • the expectations and long-term interests of Canberrans
  • how to best operate and maintain a reliable network cost-effectively
  • how the network needs to grow to meet demand
  • network infrastructure that requires replacement
  • how we deliver services to consumers, and the associated costs

What the AER considers

  • operating expenditure – how efficiently we operate and maintain the electricity network
  • capital costs – how we plan to invest for expansion of the network
  • tariff structure – how we group customers based on common characteristics, and refine our tariffs to increase the cost-reflectivity of the pricing signals we sent to customers
  • forecast consumption and demand – how consumers use the network

Community engagement

We engaged with the community and other stakeholders across three stages from October 2021 to October 2023 to ensure that our five-year plan reflects the needs of the ACT.

  • Phase 1: Understanding consumer values to inform our draft five-year plan
  • Phase 2: Consultation with consumers and other stakeholders on our draft five-year plan, to inform our initial five-year plan
  • Phase 3: Further engagement to inform our revised five-year plan

We reflected what we heard from consumer and stakeholders in our initial and revised five-year plans.