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Connect, modify, or remove an electricity or gas connection. We recommend submitting a connection application early on so we can meet your timelines.

An electricity or gas retail meter needs to be installed and an agreement needs to be in place with your energy retailer before we can turn the power on at your premises. A list of energy retailers is available on the Australian Energy Regulator's website.

If you are unsure which connection is right for you, we recommend asking an electrician, or giving us a call on 13 23 86 before lodging any applications.

  • Connection delays

    There is a delay of between 3-6 months for applications for developments and larger projects. The lead-time from our suppliers for items such as transformers has also increased to 10 months.

    To avoid these delays impacting your project, we recommend you let us know about your project as early as possible.

    We know the importance of providing timely connection services and are making changes to improve our processes.

Gas connections

Note: Since 8 December 2023, new gas connections are prevented in some zones and buildings as per ACT Government regulation. More information is available on the ACT Government website. These changes do not apply in NSW.

Connection policies

Dual supplies

The below forms are used for when you need additional supply to an existing electricity connection.

Connection contracts

If your premise is connected to our electricity or gas distribution system, you are bound by the terms and conditions of one or both of our Deemed standard connection contracts. If you have arranged another connection contract with us for the premise, this contract won’t apply.

Model standing offers