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Evoenergy is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for both our employees and vendors. We expect the same high standards from our vendors as we do for ourselves.

If you wish to tender for an Evoenergy contract or expression of interest, you need to ensure you meet our compliance requirements.

You should also be aware that some tenders may require quality certifications in order to qualify for supply of certain goods and equipment.

Payments for contract goods and services can be made only if the correct invoicing process is followed. Non-contract purchases must also meet our general terms and conditions if they are not specifically covered by a previously agreed contract.

Current tenders and expressions of interest

Current tenders, requests for quotation and expressions of interest can be located at Tenderlink.

Tenderlink is one of the largest online procurement systems in the Southern Hemisphere and is Australasia's central gateway for the advertisement and other business opportunities.

This web-based e-procurement system will provide suppliers with the ability to register free of charge, assign their company against over 63 available industry categories and obtain email notification when Evoenergy publish new opportunities.

Tenderlink also supports full electronic response and its probity conscious environment means that hard copy submissions are no longer required when suppliers tender for Evoenergy. For more information on how to register visit Tenderlink and click on the registration tab.

  • Compliance requirements before applying

    Ring-fencing Guidelines

    Evoenergy is required to comply with Electricity Ring-fencing Guideline developed by the Australian Energy Regulator under the National Electricity Rules. The current Guideline can be accessed from Under the Guideline, Evoenergy must ensure that, in any agreement with a service provider for the provision of services, the service provider is required to comply with specified clauses under the Guideline as if they were Evoenergy. The relevant clauses relate to non-discrimination, physical separation, staff-sharing, confidentiality obligations and where Evoenergy’s brand is used, brand and cross-promotion obligations.

    Modern Slavery Statement

    Evoenergy (as part of the ActewAGL Joint Venture) has a Modern Slavery Statement  to understand, identify, and mitigate modern slavery risks in our business operations and supply chain. We do not accept any form of Modern Slavery and take steps to ensure it does not occur in our supply chain.

    Health, safety and environmental management

    The Work Safety Act 2011 (ACT) requires all employers to ensure that their employees have the skills and training required to carry out their work in a safe manner and without risk to public health and the environment.

    Always safe is Evoenergy's Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system. Always safe ensures that a uniform standard of HSE management exists across the organisation.

    HSE requirements with application

    Vendors submitting tenders for works and some services are advised that they must also complete the Tenderer HSE management system questionnaire as part of their tender application. The tender document will stipulate whether this requirement exists.

    HSE requirements after successful application

    All successful tenderers may be required to complete a contract risk assessment form. If the completed risk assessment form indicates that the work you are undertaking for Evoenergy is graded as a medium or high-risk job, you are required to prepare a health, safety and environment plan prior to commencing operation.

    Anti-harassment and discrimination in the workplace

    Evoenergy's policy is to eliminate workplace harassment and discrimination, and to provide a safe and harmonious workplace, where personal and organisational goals can be achieved and where everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.

    This policy also applies to vendors working within Evoenergy and to behaviours which relate to the conduct of Evoenergy business undertaken as part of a contract with Evoenergy. Tenderers are to ensure that they are familiar with and understand the implications of the clause contained in the tender document relating to anti-harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

    Privacy provisions

    Tenderers are reminded of the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988, as amended in December 2001. If a contract is formed with Evoenergy, the contractor must agree to:

    • comply with National Privacy Principles as required by the Act
    • use any personal information provided by Evoenergy, or collected on behalf of Evoenergy, only for the purpose for which it was provided or collected
    • refer any request from a third party for personal information on an Evoenergy customer immediately to the relevant Evoenergy contract administrator
    • protect personal information held on Evoenergy's behalf from misuse, loss, unauthorised access or disclosure.
    • The contractor and Evoenergy shall treat all information provided by the other as confidential and shall not disclose any information or material relating to each others business acquired in connection with the contract except with the prior written approval of the other.
  • Requirements for consultants

    Consultants working for Evoenergy will be required to provide services under the Evoenergy general conditions of contract for consultancy services. The issue of either a letter of acceptance or a purchase order will form a contract between Evoenergy and the consultant, and the general conditions of contract for consultancy services will form part of the contract terms.

    The general conditions of contract to be used will depend on the Evoenergy business unit requiring the consultancy services.

  • Quality standards

    Applicants should be aware that submission of a Quality and/or Environmental Management System certification, or of progress towards such certification, may be a requirement of a tender or expression of interest submitted for the supply of goods and equipment.

    Where goods or equipment are to be installed within the energy or hydraulics network infrastructure, certification is mandatory and the applicant will be required to demonstrate certification to both ISO 9001 for Quality Systems Management, and to ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

    Service Suppliers and their subcontractors working on and near Evoenergy’s Distribution Network, are also required to comply with Authorisation and Accreditation requirements.

  • Payment and invoicing

    Payments and non-contract purchases

    Payment by Evoenergy will only be made against a correctly rendered tax invoice. To review what constitutes as a valid tax invoice by the Australian Tax Office, please click on this link.

    Payments will not be made by Evoenergy unless an Evoenergy order number is quoted on the invoice.

    Invoices can be either emailed or posted to Evoenergy.

    All payments made by Evoenergy will be via Electronic funds transfer (EFT).

    Evoenergy standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of the tax invoice date, provided the goods or services have been received and accepted.

    Further details on invoicing, payment and settlement are contained in the tender and expression of interest documents.

    Non-contract purchasing

    General conditions of purchase orders will cover the contract terms and conditions for any procurement undertaken by Evoenergy, which is not part of a previously agreed contract.