Miscellaneous electrical works


13 10 93


13 19 09

Miscellaneous electrical works fall outside of our standard connections, alterations and disconnection services. You will need to apply for this for:

  • Disconnection >100A
  • Cable spiking/testing
  • Substation/network access and supervision
  • Overhead service disconnection >100A
  • Data logging
  • Temporary pole support
  • Earth resistivity testing
  • Temporary isolation of network or network supply
  • Visual indicator installation (tiger mats and/or flags)
  • Underground service disconnection >100A
  • Termination of consumer mains
  1. Submit an application for miscellaneous electrical works.
  2. We will review the application and create design documentation including an invoice for the works to be completed.
  3. Once payment has been received, we will arrange a proposed date to undertake the miscellaneous works.
  • Up to 20 business days to receive design documentation and invoice.

Charges for miscellaneous services are documented in the ‘Fee-based ancillary service charges’ section of our Schedule of electricity network charges.


If you need to cancel your electrical works, call us on 13 23 86 or email us at networkservicing@evoenergy.com.au