Greenfield estate


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Greenfield estates are typically new land release developments.

Greenfield estate connection


Engage on the Estate Development Plan (EDP) process

  1. Email us at to arrange an initial discussion.
  2. Provide information about your connection, including estate development plan layout, expected yield, amenities, etc.
  3. We will discuss with you about preliminary network connectivity options and a reticulation plan within the estate, including substation and conduit requirements.
  4. You will finalise the EDP process.

Receive connection advice

  1. Submit a request for preliminary network advice (PNA) – Greenfield estates.
    • This will need to include an approved EDP and consolidated AutoCAD base.
  2. We will undertake initial design works to confirm the connection can proceed.

Apply for connection services

  1. We will engage on the provision of the connection, including the connection agreement and quote.
  2. Submit an application for provision of electricity network infrastructure – Greenfield estate once the decision for the Development Application (DA) has been received.
  3. We will undertake capital works approval to provide a network connection offer including the network agreement and the quote.

Design and construction stage

  1. Once the connection agreement is signed and payment is made, we will finalise the design and liaise on the construction works.
Timeline Timeframes vary depending on the size and complexity of the works. We will work with you to develop a project timeline.

The cost for these connections can be found in our Connection Policy. The cost will vary depending on the type of connection.

This will be charged on a per block basis for single dwelling blocks, customer requirements above Lease Cost Technically Acceptable Solution (LCTAS), asset relocation and removal and other ancillary services.

Please note a PNA does not include a quote. We may work with customers to develop a preliminary works agreement (PWA) to allow for advanced ordering of equipment/materials and design time.

Cancellation If you need to cancel your project, please contact the Evoenergy representative you have been liaising with for your connection.