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We’re always planning and preparing for the ACT’s future. Here are some projects we have in the works to help us get there.

You can also see our electricity five year plan to see what else we have planned for the future of our network.

Jerrabomberra transmission line extension New Harman 132kV Transmission Line

We plan to install a new 132kV transmission line to meet growing electricity demand in Jerrabomberra.

The proposed 3.6 kilometre transmission line will extend from the existing East Lake to Gilmore 132 kV line on the Monaro Highway, travelling east along Hindmarsh Drive to Canberra Avenue and adjacent to Canberra Avenue in a southerly direction. The line will then connect into a new zone substation at HMAS Harman (to be constructed separately to the transmission line works).

We have engaged engineering consultants GHD to prepare an environmental impact statement. The environmental impact statement will assess potential impacts and identify measures to be implemented to manage these impacts.

For more information or to register your interest to participate in the regulatory investment test for this project, visit engagement opportunities.

Lawson South Stage 2

Following changes to the ACT Government Suburban Land Agency’s (SLA) development strategy for Lawson South Stage 2, Evoenergy has completed preliminary design work for the requisite undergrounding of both 132kV transmission lines and of 11kV distribution lines around the Belconnen zone substation. Noting the variation to previously agreed works, we will continue to work with the SLA to support their approach to market.

Molonglo zone substation

The Molonglo Valley District is expected to be home to around 21,000 new dwellings in the next 30 years. To meet the future electricity needs of this area, we are constructing a new 132/11kV zone substation in Molonglo.

The substation will provide an initial additional capacity of 15MVA, followed by an ultimate 55MVA of capacity in future years. This is enough to supply more than 20,000 homes with electricity.

Stage 1 of this project including land acquisition and development application (DA) approval is underway, with completion of initial construction in the next two to three years.

As part of the regulatory investment test for distribution (RIT-D) process Evoenergy identified that the substation could be deferred with the construction of a network connected battery energy storage system (BESS). This solution was selected and the BESS is expected to be commissioned in late 2023. This will defer the energisation of the zone substation to 2025.

Optical fibre replacement project

Evoenergy is installing optical fibre communications between our zone substations to improve system reliability and security standards. Five optical fibre wires have been installed, with one further cable still to be completed. This project involves replacing existing wires with new aluminium ones that contain optical fibre cores through the middle of the conductors on top of the towers.

As our network and customer base grows, these security upgrades will allow us to get more out of existing assets, reduce costs and provide opportunities to diversify the grid. The works will also ensure we continue to meet reliability and security standards as set by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The second stage is in progress, with remaining stages due for completion by the middle of 2018.

Gold Creek Zone Substation Third Transformer

As Gungahlin continues grow Evoenergy will require additional infrastructure to meet the future electricity needs of the area. The Gold Creek Zone Substation was constructed with two 55MVA 132/11kV power transformers, however it was designed to accommodate a third – to be installed when required.

We expect this project to be completed in the next two to three years and when complete it will provide reliable supply to more than 20,000 homes.

This project is undergoing a regulatory investment test for distribution (RIT-D) where we will engage with non-network providers. For more information about the regulatory investment test currently open for consultation, or register your interest to participate, visit our engagement opportunities page.