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Below you will find information about connecting to the Evoenergy electricity or natural gas network. If you are unsure of any of the information provided, we encourage you to contact our general enquiries line on 13 23 86 before lodging any applications.

As an electricity and / or gas distribution customer, you are bound by the terms and conditions of one or both of our Deemed standard connection contracts.
These contracts apply to you if your premises are connected to our electricity and / or gas distribution system, and you do not have another connection contract with us for those premises.

An electricity or gas retail meter needs to be installed and an agreement needs to be in place before we can turn the electricity or gas on at your premises. Your retailer is responsible for the provision of these requirements. A list of energy retailers is available on the Australian Energy Regulator's website.

Electricity network connection

Basic Residential connections

Typically for residential premises and some small businesses.

Less than 100 amps electricity supply

Register on MyPortal and apply online or complete a PDF version of the application form here

About MyPortal


Basic new connections
Alterations and abolishments

Greenfield Estates

Typically for new land release developments

Guides and application forms

Request for preliminary network advice - Greenfield Estates 

Application for provision of electricity network infrastructure

MyPortal - Basic electrical online

The Evoenergy portal allows customers to register and lodge service requests online:

Currently online registration and submissions are restricted to basic residential electrical where:

  • Electricity capacity is less than 100amps for
    • A brand new (greenfields) residential connection.
    • Alteration or abolishment of an existing supply

Register on MyPortal and apply online.

MyPortal current features

Registered clients can:

  • Submit service requests as detailed for basic electrical requests.
  • View all their submitted requests.
  • Receive email confirmation of requests and;
  • Are provided with a reference number.


MyPortal future development

Future versions of MyPortal will:

  • Have a larger range of services available.
  • Allow users to receive and pay for Evoenergy service quotations online.
  • Receive automated schedule and status updates.
  • Edit and cancel requests online.
  • View and download request history
    • Including payment and quotation summaries.

Natural gas network connection overview

To arrange a new natural gas connection, we recommend that you speak with an energy retailer. This will ensure that from the time the gas is connected, you will be supplied natural gas by your chosen retailer.

Once your chosen retailer submits a new natural gas connection application to us on your behalf, we will advise them within 10 business days if your connection is classified as either basic or negotiated. In the case of a basic connection, we will also provide your retailer with a connection offer.

Further information about new natural gas connections or natural gas disconnections is available on our natural gas connection page.

Basic connection

A ‘basic connection’ is a connection requiring no extensions or modifications to the gas mains for an amount of gas up to 320MJ per hour (indicatively a cook-top, room heating and a hot water system).

Please read our model standing offer for basic connection for detailed information on the parameters and timeframes which apply to basic connections.

Non-basic connection

A non-basic connection is similar to a basic connection with the main difference being that the non-basic connection service is available where the site requirements for a basic connection service are not satisfied (for example, if the property is on a major road or there are unusual site conditions).

Negotiated connection

All new connections over 320 MJ per hour or which require mains extension are classified as negotiated connections.

The timeframe for providing you with an offer for a negotiated connection is 65 days after we receive a completed application. The timeframe for completing the connection work will depend on the specific connection requirements, and will be stated in the offer.

This includes negotiated residential connections where for example a main extension may be required.

Please read our Negotiation framework for more information on the process for negotiating new connections.


If you have an existing gas connection and want to arrange a disconnection from the network through your retailer, you can choose from either a temporary gas disconnection or a permanent gas disconnection depending on your circumstances. Please read our natural gas connections page for more information about disconnections.

If you choose to install solar generation at your home or office a special connection request form will need to be submitted to Evoenergy by your installer. Your installation must comply with Evoenergy’s Service and Installation Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the electricity in my house?

During the day, when the sun is shining, your PV array is producing and supplying electricity into Evoenergy's distribution network. Your house is supplied from Evoenergy's distribution network during the day as well as at night when the sun is no longer shining. If you have signed up for "green energy" with your chosen retailer, then the percentage of your energy you have nominated to make ‘green’ is being accessed only from the renewable energy in the network (for example solar and wind power).

What are my maintenance responsibilities?

Like all electrical equipment, regular maintenance of your entire solar system is important. By ensuring regular routine maintenance is undertaken, you can ensure your solar panel system is safe for everyone living in the premises, along with electrical workers working on the distribution network.

You are required to have your installation tested every five years to check it remains safely connected to Evoenergy’s electricity network and Evoenergy will send you a reminder when this testing is due, however more regular and routine maintenance will also ensure your entire system performance is maintained. This will allow you to maximise savings on your power bills for many years. While Evoenergy is not responsible for the maintenance and servicing of your system, read our Solar Safety fact sheet for some general tips and information you may wish to consider.

Your installer or any licenced electrician can complete this testing. A copy of the current test form and the testing procedure are available.

What electricity tariffs can I participate in?

You can find the details of solar tariff arrangements by contacting your chosen electricity retailer.

ACT Government Premium Feed-in Tariff Scheme

The ACT Government Premium Feed-in Scheme closed to new applicants in 2011. If you live in a home with a solar system connected under this Scheme, please refer to our frequently asked questions for more information.

Where can I get more information?

For information about solar safety, read our solar safety fact sheet. For information about the premium solar feed-in tariff scheme, visit the ACT Government’s website. Listed below are some links to useful sites where you can get more information on domestic PV power generation.

Clean Energy Regulator
Clean Energy Council

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