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Gas tariffs describe how and how much you’re charged for using the gas network. The price you pay may be different depending on how much gas you use, or whether you’re a residential or commercial customer.

Evoenergy charges gas retailers for using its gas network to transport gas to homes and businesses. Gas retailers then set the final price you pay for using gas (which also includes other costs, such as the costs of buying gas in wholesale markets). You probably won’t see Evoenergy’s network prices on your retail gas bill, but Evoenergy’s costs are included in the overall price you pay to your gas retailer.

Our schedule of charges provide information on the gas tariffs, charges, and rates associated with using the ACT and Queanbeyan-Palerang gas network. Evoenergy’s charges are approved by the Australian Energy Regulator each year.

Gas network prices – ACT and Queanbeyan Palerang

The schedules of prices should be read in conjunction with Evoenergy’s gas access arrangement and associated reference service agreement, which set out the terms and conditions relating to the access of gas pipeline services:

Gas network prices - Nowra

In addition to the ACT and Queanbeyan Palerang gas network, Evoenergy also owns and operates the gas network in Nowra. More information is on the Nowra gas network page.

Previous prices and charges

Gas network schedule of prices 2021-22
Gas network schedule of prices 2020-21
Gas network schedule of prices 2019-20
Gas network schedule of prices 2018-19

Some of these documents are historical and refer to ActewAGL Distribution. From 1 January 2018, the network part of ActewAGL Distribution changed its name to Evoenergy.