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Evoenergy is committed to planning for the future to improve the network. Providing an affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity supply requires prudent planning and sound investment in our network.

As we plan, we’re committed to using the most cost effective and efficient ways to replace network assets to maintain their reliability, and comply to supply standards or build additional capacity of our network where required. We are also committed to improving the overall condition of the network's electrical infrastructure, including substations, electricity poles and wires.

Our Annual Planning Report presents the results of Evoenergy’s annual review of electricity network planning since the publication of the previous report. The purpose of the Annual Planning Report is to:

inform other network services providers, market participants, consumers and interested parties of near-term constraints impacting Evoenergy’s network, and
identify actors impacting long-term demand forecasts and network reliability.

The report also addresses capacity limitations, asset renewal, power quality and reliability in relation to transmission lines, zone substations and the distribution network. Any limitations we identify present opportunities for non-network solutions including embedded generation and demand-side management. 

For information about the location of limitations we identify, visit the Evoenergy electricity network map.

Current Annual Planning Report

Annual Planning Report 2022

Network map

Evoenergy electricity network map


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