Suitable plants to grow near powerlines


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What’s the expected height of the tree or shrub you would like to plant? You should know this before planting near powerlines or other energy assets.

The examples below are only provided in the context of Evoenergy infrastructure. You should always check with Transport Canberra and City Services for their current listing of declared plant pests before choosing what to plant.

  • Recommended plant varieties
    Botanical name Common name Height (meters) Notes
    Acer palmatum Japanese Maple  4 - 5 Deciduous tree with finely textured foliage
    Acmena smithi var 'Minor'  Dwarf Lilly Pilly 3 - 4   Shade tolerant, hardy, drought tender 
    Albizia julibrissin Silk Tree 5 - 6 Deciduous tree with ferny foliage and masses of pink flowers
    Angophora hispida Dwarf Apple 2 - 4 Hardy, drought resistant, light frost resistant, coastal.
    Banksia spp Banksia 2 - 6 Drought tender, heavy frost resistant, coastal. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height
    Callistemon spp Bottlebrush 4-8 Very hardy, drought resistant, heavy frost resistant. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height
    Camellia japonica Japanese Camellia  4 - 6 Variety of flower colours
    Camellia sasanqua Sasanqua Camellia 4 - 6 Variety of flower colours
    Fraxinus spp Designer Ash 2 - 6 Slow growing. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height
    Gordonia axillaris Fried Egg plant 3 - 8 Very hardy. Slow growing.
    Grevillea spp Grevillea 3 - 8 Hardy, drought resistant, frost resistant. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height. Grevillea Robusta shall not be used.
    Lagerstroemia spp Crepe Myrtle 3 - 8 Deciduous tree, pink, mauve, crimson or white flowers and beautiful bark. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height.
    Leptospermum spp Tea-Tree 3 - 8 Very hardy, drought resistant, coastal
    Magnolia 'Little Gem' Dwarf Magnolia 3 - 4 Creamy white flowers, frost tolerant
    Syzgium luehmannii Small-leaved Lillypilly 5 Masses of creamy white flowers in summer new growth is pale pink
    Tibouchina spp Lasiandra 4 - 6 Masses of velvety royal purple flowers in autumn
    Cupaniopsis anacardioides Tuckeroo 5 - 8 Hardy, frost & drought resistant. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height.
    Corymbia spp Western Australian Red Flowering Gum 6 - 8 Hardy, drought resistant, frost resistant. Dwarf variety only to be used. Ensure variety will not exceed 6 metres in height.
  • Unsuitable plant varieties
    Botanical name Common name Height (meters) Notes
    Abies species Fir Trees 20+ Large pyramid shape, needle-like leaves, upright cones.
    Acacia species Wattle 6+ Large shrub, broad leaf blades, colourful seeds.
    Acer species (not including Japanese) Maples 8+ Easily recognisable palmate leaves and distinctive winged fruits.
    Acmena species Lillypilly or Bush Cherry 7+ Very hardy. Creamy white flowers with fleshy fruits.
    Agonis flexulosa (not including dwarf cultivars) Willow Myrtle 12+ Fibrous brown bark, long narrow leaves and small white flowers.
    Allocasuarina species She Oak 8+ Dense furrowed grey-brown bark and drooping grey-green needle-like foliage.
    Alnus species Black & Evergreen Alder 10+ Deciduous. Alternate serrated leaves.
    Angophora species including bakeri Apple Gum 8+ Rough bark. Leaves in opposite pairs.
    Araucaria species Bunya-Bunya, Hoop or Norfolk Island Pine 25+ Large trees with tall straight stem. Horizontal branches.
    Bambusa species Bamboo 10+ Hollow, tall, fast growing grasses.
    Bauhinia species Orchid Tree 8+ Lobed leaves. Colourful fragrant flowers.
    Betula species Birch 10+ Deciduous hardwood. Simple alternate leaves.
    Brachychiton species Lace-Dark, Flame & Kurrajong 15+ Tall deciduous. Stout stem.
    Callitris species Native Pine, Native Cypress 8+ Evergreen, scale-like leaves.
    Calodendron capense Cape Chestnut 8+ Smooth grey bark. Spectacular flowers.
    Castanosprmum australe Moreton Bay Chestnut 20+ Very hardy. Glossy dark green leaves & low spreading branches.
    Casuarina species She-Oaks 8+ Tall trees with slender twigs bearing minute scale-leaves.
    Cedrus species Cedar, Fir, Spruce 10+ Large pyramid shape, needle-like leaves, upright cones.
    Celtis species Nettle-tree 10+ Drought tolerant. Simple alternate leaves.
    Chamaecyparis species (not including dwarf cultivars) False Cypress 20+ Decorative evergreen conifer.
    Cinnamomum camphora Camphor Laurel 20+ Tall evergreen with large spreading canopy.
    Citharexylum spinosum Fiddlewood 10+ West Indian native with attractive foliage and fragrant flowers.
    Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar 20+ Very large evergreen tree.
    Cupressus species Cypress trees 10+ Very large evergreen tree.
    Cupressocyparis leylandii Leyland Cypress 10+ Very large evergreen tree.
    Erythrina species Coral-tree, Cock’s Comb 15+ Bright red flowers. Thorny stems.
    Eucalyptus species Gum trees 8+ Large fast growing evergreen.
    Fagus species Beech 20+ Tall, round-headed and wide spreading.
    Ficus species Fig trees 25+ Large tree with smooth white bark.
    Flindersia species Flindersia 10+ Large trees with scale-like hairs.
    Fraxinus species Ash 8+ Light green oval shaped leaves.
    Gingko biloba Maidenhair Tree 15+ Grey furrowed bark, fan shaped leaves.
    Gleditsia species Honey Locust 12+ Tall decidupus leguminous tree.
    Grevillea robusta Silky Oak 14+ Fast growing evergreen with a single main trunk.
    Harpephyllum caffrum Kaffir Plum 8+ Broad shady canopy with dark green glossy leaves.
    Hymenosporum flavum Native Frangipani 10+ Wide growing. Gnarled branches, long leaves and distinctive flowers.
    Jacaranda mimosifolia
    Jacaranda 10+ Semi-evergreen with fragrant purple flowers.
    Juniperus species (not including Japanese)
    Juniper 10+ Hardy, slow growing coniferous tree.
    Lagunaria patersonii 
    Norfolk Island Hibiscus 12+ Dense grey-green leaves.
    Libocedrus species
    New Zealand Cedar 8+ Evergreen coniferous tree.
    Ligustrum species
    Privet 10+ Evergreen tree with smooth grey bark.
    Liquidambar species
    Liquidambar 15+ Large deciduous with palmate leaves.
    Liriodendron tulipifera
    Tulip tree 15+ Large deciduous ornamental tree.
    Lophostemon confertus
    Brush Box  15+ Evergreen fast growing tree with rounded shape.
    Magnolia grandiflora
    Bull Bay Magnolia 9+ Dense tree with a dome shape and dark green glossy leaves.
    Melaleuca species
    Paper barks 8+ Tall spreading tree with thick papery bark.
    Melia azedarach
    White Cedar 12+ Deciduous tree with a rounded crown.
    Metrosideros species
    New Zealand Christmas Tree, Pohutukawa   10+ Coastal evergreen with brilliant masses of flowers.
    Nageia falcatus
    Plum Fruited Yew, Oteniqua Yellowwood 10+ Evergreen woody trees with thin hard bark.
    Nyssa sylvatica
    Sour Gum, Tupelo 10+ Bright red autumn foliage.
    Palm species including Archontophoenix, Butia, Cocos Howea, Livistona, Phoenix and Washingtonia species
    Palms 8+ Tall slender stemmed tree.
    Pinus species
    Pine 15+ Large evergreen tree.
    Pistachia chinensis
    Chinese Pistachio 10+ Deciduous tree with a broad canopy.
    Platanus species
    Plane tree 15+ Scaling bark, palmate leaves.
    Podocarpus elatus
    Brown Pine 10+ Evergreen tree with brown bark.
    Populus species
    Poplar 15+ Fast growing tree with smooth bark.
    Pyrus calleryana
    Callery Pear 10+ Conical or rounded crown with white flowers.
    Quercus species
    Oak 15+ Broad shady tree fruiting acorns.
    Salix species
    Willow 10+ Deciduous tree with elongated green leaves.
    Sapium sebiferum Chinese Tallowwood Tree 8+ Deciduous tree with domed crown.
    Schefflera actinophylla
    Umbrella Tree 10+ Tall multi-trunked tree with palmate whorled leaves.
    Schinus species
    Pepper-corn tree 10+  Fast growing long living tree with a wide canopy.
    Stenocarpus sinuatus
    Queensland Firewheel Tree 15+ Wheel-like bright red, yellow and orange flowers.
    Syncarpia glomulifera
    Turpentine 15+ Large straight trunked tree. Leaves taste and smell of turpentine.
    Thuja species (not including dwarf cultivars)
    Arborvitae, Thuja, Western Red Cedar   8+ Evergreen tree with stringy red-brown bark.
    Ulmus/Zelkova spp
    Elm 10+ Hardy tall tree with forked trunk creating a vase profile.