Welcome to our new website


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29 Apr 2024

As your local energy distributor, we’re pleased to unveil an online space that reflects our commitment to innovation and improving customer experience.

While we still provide you with safe and reliable electricity and gas each day, our new website is designed to make it simpler for you to find information about outages, connections, safety, and the latest at Evoenergy.

Our new website incorporates feedback from our customers and employees to ensure our essential information is more accessible to the community.

Some new features include the ability to:

  • search your address for electricity outages from the homepage
  • access connection information based on your customer type
  • find our contact details from any page with the ‘need help?’ pop out, and at the top of each page
  • complete most forms online
  • view our centralised location for steps to consider as part of Canberra’s pathway to electrification

We invite you to explore our website.