12 Days of Christmas Safety


13 10 93


13 19 09

07 Dec 2023

Having Christmas lights and decorations around is all part of the festive season – however it’s important to make sure they’re safe.

We’re celebrating twelve days of Christmas Safety so you can keep the whole family safe this holiday season:

1. Shocks and tingles

Shocks and tingles can indicate an underlying issue. If you feel a tingle, zap or shock when touching a tap, showerhead or appliance – call us immediately on 13 10 93 so we can investigate. Don’t touch the area again until it’s deemed safe.

2. Christmas lights safety inside

Always read the manufacturer's instructions before using lights and do not overload power boards or piggyback double adaptors. You should also keep cords neatly secured to avoid tripping over them.

3. Christmas lights safety outside

Ensure any lighting system is weatherproof/suitable for outdoor use. You should also keep all electrical connections out of areas that may become wet due to watering or extreme weather conditions.

4. Keep trees away from powerlines

Check trees in your yard are a safe distance from powerlines. We recommend having them trimmed before they get too close. If they are close, it’s important you have an Evoenergy-accredited arborist safely complete the work. Vegetation growing too close (1m-1.5m) to powerlines is a safety hazard and can cause power outages. You can find more information here.

5. What to do in a vehicle collision involving electricity

With increased travel around the holiday season, it’s an important reminder on what to do if your vehicle collides with a power pole, powerlines, or green pillar box. It is safest to stay in your vehicle, call 000 for life-threatening situations, and wait. All electrical equipment should be treated as live and bystanders should stay at least 10 metres away. You can also learn what to do if you need to exit your vehicle here.

6. Have your Survival Plan ready

During extreme weather, our energy network can become damaged and there may be power outages. You can see our tips for how to prepare for, and  what to do in a power outage here.

We also recommend you complete your Survival Plan using the template from the ACT Emergency Services Agency: https://esa.act.gov.au/be-emergency-ready/resources-plans/survival-plan

7. A reminder about gas safety

If you’re cooking for Christmas celebrations and have a gas stove – you should never leave it unattended and always keep the flame from extending past the side of the pot. If you smell a gas leak, give us a call on 13 19 09. More on natural gas safety at www.evoenergy.com.au/safety/natural-gas-safety

8. Don’t overload power circuits with lights or pressies

Running too many appliances off one power point by piggy-backing adapters, or connecting power boards together, can overload the circuit and lead to overheating, or even house fires. Be aware of how many devices are already using your supply before you add new Christmas items to charging points.

9. Keep the whole family safe this Christmas – including your furry friends!

If you have a pet that likes to get up to mischief – be mindful or potential electrical hazards.. Be vigilant with wires and lighting – make sure you secure your tree lights to the base of the tree and secure the plug to the socket.

We also recommend keeping your tree isolated from furniture so your pet (particularly cats) can’t climb onto it.

10. Minimise electricity consumption when traveling

If you’re going away this holiday season, consider powering down your home. Disconnect appliances to help reduce electricity consumption as well as any electrical risks you won’t be home to deal with.

11. Check your smoke alarm

Take the opportunity to check your smoke alarm these holidays. Make sure it is connected to power or that you’ve changed the batteries at least within the past year.

More advice about smoke alarms is on the ACT ESA website: https://esa.act.gov.au/be-emergency-ready/smoke-alarms

12. We’re here to help

Our Faults and Emergency Contact Centre, Field Crews and Network Controllers work 24/7 every day of the year – including Christmas. Sometimes unplanned outages happen, and our crews will always work as quickly and safely as they can to get the power back on. Please keep this in mind if you give us a call or see our crews out and about over the holidays.