Status of enterprise bargaining negotiations and industrial action at Evoenergy


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10 Nov 2023

Negotiations for the replacement Evoenergy Enterprise Agreement are continuing and a revised offer has been made to employees.

Evoenergy has been able to obtain endorsement from unions on the proposed Enterprise Agreement, including with the Electrical Trades Union (ETU). The ETU has suspended protected industrial action (PIA) while employees consider the offer and until completion of the voting process.

The revised offer includes an 11% increase to wages over a three-year period. Superannuation contributions will increase from 15% to 16% on 1 July 2024 (above the legislated requirements of 11%, and increasing to 12% from 2025).

Evoenergy employees will soon vote on the revised offer, and we are hopeful to reach an agreement with our employees.

We thank our customers for their continued patience these past few months, especially those who have had works postponed and appointments rescheduled.

As always, safety for our employees, customers, and contractors is our number one focus and we will continue to prioritise our response to unplanned electricity outages.

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