Third party hits – how to avoid a scare this Halloween!


13 10 93


13 19 09

31 Oct 2023

Mini pillar damage before and after

We all use electricity every day, and we all need to be safe around the network.

Over the past year Canberra’s network has taken over 60 physical hits which flow on to impact the community.

But have you ever heard of a third party hit to the electricity network? Do you know what to do? Or even what a third-party hit can actually look like?

Third party hits affect everyone – and one small error can be a costly mistake, causing serious injuries or in extreme situations, be fatal.

A third-party hit can look like:

• Vehicles driving into mini pillars.
• Overhead powerlines being struck by oversized trucks.
• Your contractor digging into your underground powerlines.

So don’t give yourself a scare this Halloween, it’s time to brush up on how to make safe choices. Being up-to-date on safe practices around energy networks are everyone’s responsibility.

First and foremost, always report network damage or concerns to Evoenergy on 13 10 93 for electricity and 13 19 09 for gas.
• Always treat our assets as live. If you have hit the electricity or gas network call 000 if it is a life-threatening situation. For information on what to do in an emergency, visit our website here.
• Before you do any digging on your property, you must check for underground assets using Before You Dig Australia as well as familiarise yourself with our building near utility assets guide.
• When driving be aware of your surroundings, take caution around the electrical network, remain alert and in control of your vehicle.

Electricity and gas infrastructure is all over the ACT, and we all use it in our homes, at work, and places we visit.  We work hard to keep our energy network and our employees safe, and we need the community to step up and do their part.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!