Christmas safety: jingle bells, not tingle bells


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16 Dec 2022

In December, many homes around Canberra put up their Christmas lights and decorations. While decorating is a fun and festive activity, it’s important to keep the safety of your home in mind. Keep you and your whole family, including pets, safe during the holiday season. 

While it is the silly season, don’t make silly safety choices with your Christmas decorations. Here are some simple things you can check: 


Do not connect one set of lights to the end of another set of lights.
Do not run leads or extension cords through doorways and windows as they can create a trip hazard.
Be cautious when decorating at heights (roofs or large trees). 

Safe operating

Decorative lights can heat up, so keep them away from children, pets, and flammable materials, to avoid accidents.
Ensure wiring and plugs are fully functioning and are not damaged before switching on lights and powered decorations.

Outdoor Christmas lighting

Ensure lighting is weatherproof and made for outdoor use. 
To avoid damage and trip hazards, ensure extension cords are kept off the ground.
Use the appropriate tape or cable ties to attach cords and light strings.
Ensure electrical connections are kept away from areas that have the potential to become wet or damp. 

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