Safety tips to avoid too many scares this Halloween


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13 19 09

31 Oct 2022

It’s the spookiest time of year and at Evoenergy we’re reflecting on what scares us most: Canberrans who don’t consider safety around energy.

Electricity and gas infrastructure is all around us, as we use it in our homes, at work, and at the places we visit.

Our priority is safety; the safety of our employees, our customers and our community – it is important that you can identify risks to your safety and understand how to be safe when near our network or using energy.

In the last year, the top three network safety incidents were:

Third party hits to our network (including vehicles running into mini pillars, trucks running into powerlines, or hitting our underground lines and pipes during excavation).
Trees and plants being too close to poles and powerlines.
Electrical issues inside the home, such a shocks and tingles.

So we can see less of these safety incidents, here are some safety tips we would like to remind Canberrans about this Halloween:

Always report network damage or concerns to us on 13 10 93 for electricity, 13 19 09 for gas · Make sure trees on your property are the safe distance from power poles and lines, and only use Evoenergy-accredited arborists if they’re too close · Before you do any digging, always check for underground assets using Before You Dig Australia
If you ever experience a zap or tingling sensation when touching an electrical appliance at home, it could indicate a safety issue. Call us immediately on 13 10 93.
If you smell the odour of natural gas inside your home, ventilate the area, turn off the gas supply if you can and call us on 13 19 09

By immediately reporting incidents to us, or taking care and safe measures when near electricity or gas, nearly all safety incidents can be avoided.

Have a safe and happy Halloween – and make sure you’re spooks this year are all in fun. All of our safety information and tips are at