Rehabilitation in the Woodstock Nature Reserve


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08 Dec 2021

Planting trees

In June, Evoenergy worked with Greening Australia on a rehabilitation project in Uriarra just outside the ACT, as part of our major project to provide a second point of electricity supply into the ACT, supplementing the existing major electricity supply point in Canberra.

Evoenergy’s Secondary Supply Project included a new transmission line and is located near the suburbs of Holt and MacGregor and will help ensure a reliable and secure electricity supply to the ACT.

As part of our environmental impact assessment, we identified that the project required the removal of 57 immature trees. Evoenergy Environmental and Technical Regulatory Compliance Manager, Tom Atkins said that it was essential for us to design a plan to replace the trees once the project was complete.

“Working sensitively in the environment and protecting the land is something we’re passionate about and critical to the success of Evoenergy projects. For every project we work to identify and mitigate our environmental impact throughout design, construction, and after a project is complete,” said Tom.

Once the Secondary Supply Project was complete, 10 Evoenergy staff from across the business came together to help plant 750 native trees in the Woodstock Nature Reserve which will strengthen the habitat and support native bird species. 

“The natural area of the Woodstock Nature Reserve protects our native plants, animals and their habitats. The rehabilitation project within the Woodstock Nature Reserve strengthens existing habitat plantings in the reserve whilst reducing the potential impact from stock grazing,” said Tom

We worked with ACT Parks and Conservation Service to help to identify the nature reserve as the best location for rehabilitation, and Greening Australia propagated the natives we used for planting. Over the past five months, Greening Australia have maintained the plantings while they established, and we we’re thrilled to hear that the trees are doing well.

One of the best things about living in the ACT is our flora and fauna, and as a local business we want to limit the environmental impact of our works. We will continue to work closely with land holders and the ACT Government to ensure we meet our responsibilities and achieve the best outcome for our environment and the community.