Evoenergy crowned recycling champions


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18 Dec 2020

Evoenergy crowned recycling champions

In November, our friends at Icon Water laid down an almost unwinnable challenge: a head-to-head battle to see who could collect the most plastic and glass bottles for the ACT Container Deposit Scheme. After kicking things off at the start of National Recycling week, over four weeks we mobilised every available Evoenergy staff member to collect an incredible 3,596 drinking containers, eclipsing Icon Water and taking out title of 2020 Recycling Champion.

Our 3,596 recycled drinking containers earned us $359.60 which we donated to the eMOenergy Movember team to support men’s health and suicide prevention.

The ACT Container Deposit Scheme has already made a significant impact towards reducing the volume of waste to landfill in Canberra. We are happy to help spread the word in our community, and we’re also motivated to raise money for a cause we care about—Movember.

We chose to donate all proceeds raised to Movember to add to the fantastic effort made by our staff participating this year and the community supporting them. The Movember concept is great. Moustaches work as an easy conversation starter, opening channels of communication that helps to fight taboo and normalise mental health as topic of conversation. Thank you to Icon Water for the challenge, and for their great effort recycling 2860 drink containers and donating their $286 in winnings to Abundant Water.

Although this challenge is over, our recycling efforts continue! We’ve recently partnered with TerraCycle to recycle some of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

At Evoenergy, safety is in everything we do, and having the right protective equipment is a huge part of that. Our partnership with TerraCycle means instead of throwing end of life safety glasses, disposable body suits, hair nets, boot coverings, masks, ear plugs, gloves and hard hats in landfill, we can now recycle them. The more items we’re able to recycle means less waste which helps to reduce our impact on our local and diverse ecological systems.

To find out more about the great work TerraCycle do processing and producing products from hard-to-recycle materials, visit www.terracycle.com.

Want to get involved? It’s easy!

Recycling through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme is as easy as collecting plastic and glass bottles, dropping them off at one of the many return points, and collecting your cash. The ACT Container Deposit Scheme offers a 10c refund for every eligible plastic and glass bottle, so it’s also a great way to get younger people involved to recycle, save pocket money and develop good habits early on.

For more information or to find a Container Deposit Scheme return point near you, visit www.actcds.com.au.

Did you know over 72 million containers have been recycled through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme since June 2018? This contributes to waste reduction and delivers a clean stream of recyclable material for industry.