Canberrans have their say on gas network transition


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30 Mar 2020

GN21 group

The world’s attention is on COVID-19 and it’s sad to see the affect it is having on our community.

While we’re focussed on keeping the lights on and the gas flowing, times like these reinforce the important role our energy networks have in our everyday lives. We want to make sure that as an essential service, our energy networks continue to meet your needs now and into the future.

Last year we ran a citizens’ jury with 29 randomly selected members of the community to determine what consumers want and need from the gas network as we transition to achieve the ACT Government’s legislated target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

Jury members came together over two weekends and after 34 hours of deliberation, reached consensus on eight recommendations for Evoenergy and five recommendations for the ACT Government.

As representatives of the broader community, jury members told us that consumers want environmentally sustainable energy solutions, but when it comes to reducing emissions in the gas network they want to understand the costs, benefits and impact of each option before we take action.

Over the next five years, the jury recommends that Evoenergy research, test and communicate options for the gas network transition, and develop a transition plan that protects consumers from unexpected impact.

These recommendations have been invaluable to inform the development of the draft plan for the 2021–26 regulatory period for the gas network and strongly align with our position and vision for the future.

In our gas network draft plan, we have proposed to continue to provide a safe, secure, reliable and affordable gas service, alongside ongoing research and testing into alternative options to natural gas such as hydrogen and biogas. This practical approach will allow us to continue to meet the needs of existing customers that rely on a gas service for their everyday needs, while we examine options for the future.

The citizens’ jury has reinforced that it is vital to work collaboratively with the community as we transition away from natural gas, and we look forward to working with the ACT Government and industry stakeholders and continue to bring the community along on that journey.

We would like to thank all jury members for their time and commitment to the process.

Consultation on Evoenergy’s draft plan for the gas network 2021–26 will closes 2 April 2020. To provide feedback on the draft plan visit For more information about the citizens’ jury, or to download a full copy of the recommendations visit