Evoenergy welcomes three new apprentices to the crew


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15 Mar 2018

New Evoenergy apprentices Leon, Andrew and Jordan
New Evoenergy apprentices Leon, Andrew and Jordan

Recently three new mature-age apprentices started their journey to becoming fully qualified Evoenergy Cable Jointers.

A Cable Jointer does far more than the name suggests – in four years’ time Leon, Andrew and Jordan will be responsible for joining high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) cables, doing sub-station upgrades and helping to maintain the energy network.

Leon, 35, who has been with Evoenergy for 10 years decided it was time for a career shift. “I am interested in learning about the energy network and furthering my career within the company.

“I would recommend a ‘later in life’ career change because it is never too late to update your skillset and I’m really lucky to be a part of a company where growth is possible,” said Leon.

Andrew, 25, is a former stonemason and is looking forward to working in a field that is solution focused. “I am keen to be in a role where I can help the community. For instance if there’s an issue with a cable that is affecting a customer it will be great to be able to fix it and solve a problem.”

Jordan, 24, was inspired to apply by the desire to work outside. “Previously I was a public servant but I have always wanted to work outdoors and I’ve always had an interest in working with electricity.

“Day one into my apprenticeship I feel the biggest challenge will be learning all the math’s, but I feel confident with all the support we get here that in four years’ time we will all be qualified Cable Jointers,” said Jordan.