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Dial Before You Dig


Thinking of landscaping? Planning to build a pergola or a shed? It doesn’t matter whether the job is big or small, it’s essential to dial before you dig before you start work.

Dial Before You Dig is a free, easy and quick way to find to out what electricity, gas, water and sewerage infrastructure is on and around your property. To make a request you can call Dial Before Your Dig on 1100 or online through the Dial Before You Dig website. Once your request is received, Dial Before You Dig will contact the relevant utility services, who send the information to you, generally within two working days.

Don’t forget, there are minimum clearance requirements for all landowners and occupiers renovating or building near utility infrastructure, and you must ensure you’re authorised to work near the network, or use the services of a company accredited with Evoenergy.

Want to learn more?

To make a Dial Before Your Dig request, call 1100 or visit Read more information about minimum clearance requirements on our building near utility assets page, or our find out working near the network on our worker safety page.

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