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Gas emergency

Ongoing electricity and / or gas connection contracts

As an electricity and / or gas distribution customer, you are bound by the terms and conditions of one or both of our Deemed standard connection contracts

These contracts apply to you if your premises are connected to our electricity and / or gas distribution system, and you do not have another connection contract with us for those premises. These contracts cover your rights and obligations as our customer and include items such as:
Planned and unplanned interruptions.
Conditions and timeframes for disconnecting and reconnecting.
Management of complaints and disputes.
Life support equipment.
How your electricity and / or gas retailer would interact with us on your behalf.

Customers who take supply of electricity and / or gas at their premises are automatically deemed to have accepted this contract at the time they first take supply. The exception to this is where a customer requests a new connection or an alteration to an existing connection and this customer is the same customer that will take supply. In this instance the deemed contract will take effect when the contract for a physical connection is accepted by the customer.

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