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Whether you're building your forever home or investing for the future, you want your house to be comfortable and energy efficient all year round. Evaporative cooling paired with ducted gas heating is the solution.

And now, we've partnered with Brivis and Braemar to add evaporative cooling to your new home—free* when you install whole of home ducted gas heating.

Natural gas and evaporative cooling - a perfect pair

In Canberra, where we typically experience hot, dry summers, evaporative cooling offers the perfect solution. It cools the air while simultaneously humidifying it for a more comfortable, fresh and natural home. And in winter, ducted natural gas heating offers the cosy, easy-to-control, instant warmth that more Canberrans prefer.

Talk to your builder today about this free evaporative cooling offer. 

Benefits of evaporative cooling

Simpler – Evaporative cooling systems don't include any complex technology or compressor, allowing for simple and effective ongoing operation.

Cheaper – 90% cheaper to run than ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Natural – Uses just water and air for healthy, natural cooling.

100% fresh air – The evaporative process completely refreshes the air in your home every two minutes. No closing up the house for fear of 'wasting' cool air, and no more stale, recycled air.

Goodbye dry air – Dry air from refrigerated air conditioners can aggravate allergies and asthma. Evaporative air conditioning system use moisture to cool the air and won't dry your skin, nose or eyes.

Enjoy the outdoors – In order to work effectively, evaporative cooling units require some windows or doors to be open to create airflow. That means an evaporative system effectively cools outdoor areas as well - open up the house and enjoy the summer in alfresco style on the patio!

A refreshing ocean breeze at the press of a button

Working best when doors and windows are open, evaporative cooling is the ultimate solution for alfresco living. As the name suggests, evaportaive coolers use the evaporation of water to cool the air as it enters your home. This way, the temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly, while also humidifying it for a more comfortable, refreshing feel. Best of all, evaporative coolers operate entirely naturally, using only fresh water and a fan - no chemicals, pollutants, or other toxic nasties are involved! It really is like an all-natural sea breeze for your home, whenever you want.

Benefits of ducted gas heating

Nothing beats ducted gas heating for warmth.

Efficiency – Modern ducted gas heating systems are more efficient than ever. 6-star systems can save you thousands in heating costs.

Ease – Ducted natural gas heating offers unrivalled flexibility for zoning heat, giving you maximum control of your family’s comfort.

Comfort – Ducted gas heating provides an unbeatable cosy warmth that you simply can’t find with any other system.

Reliability – Braemar and Brivis have over 50 years’ experience heating Australian homes during winter.

Talk to your builder today about this free evaporative cooling offer.

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