Electricity emergency

Gas emergency

Choosing a qualified tradesperson for your electrical or gas repairs and maintenance is important to keep you safe. Using a licensed tradie means you are protected during and after the job. Call a licensed tradesperson, no matter how minor the job is. A qualified tradesperson will know when to contact us should the work require our involvement, such as isolation from our distribution network.

Handy tips

There are some simple things you can do to choose the right tradesperson for your job.

Make sure they’re qualified. Electricians need to be licensed and gasfitters and workers need to be licensed and accredited to carry out work. It’s important to know the type of job you need done, and whether the tradie you’re contracting can complete the task. Ask them to show you their qualifications, and/or check them on the list we’ve linked below.
Check their references. It may seem like you’re conducting a job interview, and in a way you are. The company you choose will be working for you so it’s a good idea to call friends or neighbours who have used the same tradies to get their opinions. You can also go online and check the reviews there.
Get some quotes. Ask your potential tradie to give you a quote, that way you can compare the price and service. You want to make sure you’re not being overcharged and the job you need done will be performed right. Cheapest is not always best, but being charged more is no guarantee either. Shop around.
Know what you want, or how to ask. An electrician and gasfitter or worker can help you the more you help them.Know what you want for the job and be clear with your expectations and needs. If you’re unsure, ask questions that keep you informed and do your research so you know what the work entails.


Electricians need to be licensed and may have restrictions or endorsements on their licence. Someone who is qualified to do one type of job may not be qualified to do other types of electrical work. You can find a list of licensed electricians who have the relevant qualifications and expertise - and check any restrictions on their licence - on Access Canberra’s website under construction professionals.

Gas fitters

Gas fitters and workers need to be licensed and accredited to carry out work, and they also may have restrictions on their licence. You can find a gas fitter or worker who has relevant qualifications and expertise on Access Canberra’s website under construction professionals.

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