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Natural Gas

When you choose Natural Gas, you’re not just choosing a cleaner more efficient source of energy, but it’s also the smarter choice for powering your home. Natural Gas allows heat to be generated instantly through a natural flame, giving you more control of your cooking, instant and comfortable heat throughout your home, and continuous non-stop hot water.

There’s so much to love about Natural Gas. It’s warmer, faster, more controllable and delightfully cosy. It might just be your homes’ new best friend.

For information about applying for a new gas connection at your home, see our natural gas connections page.


Better now. Better tomorrow.


Turn your house into a home with Natural Gas

Simply turn on the tap

Enjoy instant and continuous hot water with Natural Gas. With the twist of a tap there’s a solution to suit every home, no matter how many bathrooms you have. Choose a hot water system that is right for your home and you’ll have continuous hot water for the whole family.

Let’s get cooking

Cooking with Natural Gas gives your everyday meals preparation the control and superior performance of a professional chef. Natural Gas offers instant heat in a more natural way and the complete visible control allows you to adjust temperatures quickly. So whether you’re cooking for the family in the kitchen, or entertaining outdoors on your BBQ, it's easy to see why Natural Gas is the fuel of choice for your home.

Turn up the heat

Bring the warmth of Natural Gas heating into your home. It’s faster and more controllable as it heats the depths of your home to a desired temperature, even in our regions chilly winters - no matter how cold it gets outside. It also fills a room quickly and completely with comfortable heat, so you don't have to huddle around a heater to get warm.

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