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The Evoenergy Residential Tariff Trial

Evoenergy is looking to the future. As the energy landscape changes, more Canberrans are choosing to connect the latest energy products at home, such as solar, batteries, home energy management systems and electric vehicles. Evoenergy is committed to ensuring we offer a service that not only optimises the network connection process, but maximises the efficiency and benefits of energy products once they’re connected.

To help further understand the interaction between these technologies and the electricity network, Evoenergy is trialling a new tariff designed for the future consumer.  An important aspect of ensuring you get the most out of your energy products, is the type of tariff you choose.  The Residential Tariff Trial will allow Evoenergy and participants to work together to explore how these technologies may help balance peaks and troughs in Canberra’s electricity supply.

This is a great opportunity for participants to improve how we use the electricity network which will ultimately benefit the broader community.

The Residential Tariff Trial is expected to run from July 2021. Evoenergy will then consider the broader application of the tariff to the ACT community.

Download more information about the Residential Tariff Trial below:

Residential Tariff Trial presentation
Residential Tariff Trial factsheet

What is a tariff?

Put simply, a tariff determines how you are charged for electricity and the bill you receive. There are a range of tariffs which differ based on how and when electricity is used.

In the ACT, Evoenergy offers a range of network tariffs. Evoenergy is looking to ensure that its network tariff structure is suitable for the future consumer. That is, customers who have renewable energy technologies (such as solar, battery storage, and/or electric vehicles) will be able to access a tariff that is specifically designed to work with the grid to improve the way we use and manage the network.

Our Tariff Trial

We’re currently working on developing a new electricity network tariff specifically designed for residents with solar and batteries and when it’s ready, we’ll work with participants to trial it before it’s potentially made available to the broader ACT community. This new tariff will be designed to be highly cost-reflective and therefore provide customers with more control over their electricity bills.

The Residential Tariff Trial is intended to commence in July 2021 and while we’re in the design phase, we’d like to hear from home-owners with solar and batteries interested in trialling the tariff. Once the tariff trial is complete, we may include the trialled tariff in our 2024–29 Tariff Structure Statement for approval to the Australian Energy Regulator.

Register your interest to participate in the trial by completing the short registration survey below.

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Part 1: You and your household

The information collected in this section will help us understand your circumstances and eligibility to participate in the trial.

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Part 2: Your energy use

This section will help us to understand what influences your energy use, and how changes in your energy use impact on the energy system in your home.

Electricity bills are made up of network charges, government taxes and charges, and retail charges. The network charge represents around 40% of your total bill while the retail charge covers the retailer’s costs, including the cost to purchase the electricity.

Part 3 Your understanding and interest in participating

I want to be more in touch with my energy consumption
Potential to reduce my electricity bills
Potential to help reduce critical peak demand strains placed upon the grid
Help encourage more renewable energy into the electricity grid
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