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Demand Management

Demand management allows customers to reduce their electricity demand for a period of time in exchange for a payment or reduction in their electricity charges. It is a win-win situation where customers get compensated for their involvement and receive lower electricity charges long-term, while helping Evoenergy manage demand on the network. Find out more.

Embedded generation

Generators connected to our distribution network are called ‘embedded generators’ (EGs). These generators are embedded within our distribution network and not directly connected to our transmission network. The entity that owns, operates or controls an embedded generating unit is called the Embedded Generator. Find out more.

Hello Grid

Hello Grid is an industry initiative to share with the community more about the way energy networks across Australia work, and of the exciting changes that are taking place in the system. This intricate system of transmission towers, substations, transformers, poles, wires and smart technology, along with all the people who maintain and manage the infrastructure, come together to create what’s known as ‘the grid’, and it provides an important service to the community – and is likely to be the vital gateway to a smart and clean energy future.

Hello Grid is an initiative of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) representing the operators of the Australian energy networks (the poles, wires and pipes that carry electricity and gas to consumers).

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