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Evoenergy has worked with a local Googong family, the Toscan’s, to build and trial Australia’s first Gas-Plus Smart Home.

The family of five moved into the Smart Home in November 2018 as part of a trial to gather gas consumption data from a number of different household appliances to understand usage patterns, the efficiency of gas in the Canberra climate, individual appliance efficiencies, and to facilitate the advancement of natural gas appliance smart-home solutions. These culminate to provide a better understanding of the role of natural gas in the ACT.

Gas-Plus Smart Home – The Toscan’s home


Gas-Plus Smart Home – Evoenergy Gas Branch Manager, Will Yeap


Gas-Plus Smart Home – Homeowner, Emma-Jane Toscan


Gas-Plus Smart Home – Vogue Constructions, Nathan Toscan


For more information on our Gas-Plus Smart Home initiative, visit:

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