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As an embedded generation installer, please ensure you must submit an accurate single line diagram as part of this application. Please refer to Evoenergy’s Service & Installation rules for further information.

After this form is submitted, Evoenergy will issue you with a unique job number for your application. Please record this number and your NMI because you will need both pieces of information to update your commissioning records once you have completed the installation.

All systems must be approved by Evoenergy and all relevant authorities prior to connection to the Evoenergy network

For enquiries please phone Evoenergy’s Network Servicing Team on 13 23 86 between 7.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

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Section 1: Installation Details

Site Details

Installer Contact Details

Embedded Generation Information (tick all appropriate boxes)

Protection and Control Modes

Section 2: Installation Compliance


If Existing, please provide as much information as possible. Inverter details are mandatory.

Generation Type: Rotating Machine or Other

Description Manufacturer Model Voltage (V) Rating (kVA)


Attachment can be an Office document, PDF or image.



Section 3: Embedded Generation Customer Declaration

Customer Declaration

By checking the below I declare and agree that:

If Evoenergy approves your application, the approval remains valid for 180 days from the issue.

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