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Evoenergy has created a new DER Portal to improve the way you submit and track Special Connection Requests (SCRs).

The portal is designed to allow you to submit and track SCRs easily, communicate directly with the Evoenergy team, and automate how you update the Australia Energy Market Operator’s DER Register.

To use the Evoenergy DER Portal for the first time, you will need to email Evoenergy to register for an account.

To register for the Evoenergy DER Portal, you will need to provide us with

Your First and Last name
Business name
Contact Email
Contact Phone number
Business Role (i.e. Manager, Administrative, Installer etc)


From 1 December 2019 Evoenergy will be required to provide information on every Distributed Energy Resource (DER) connected to our distribution network to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to feed into their DER Register.

Australia is the world’s fastest adopter of rooftop solar power (photovoltaics or PV) and new technologies, such as batteries and electric vehicles, are quickly emerging. These Distributed Energy Resources have been so successful in Australia that their combined effect is leading to an increasingly decentralised energy system, where a significant amount of electricity is generated at a smaller scale by our customers.

Knowing the locations and specifications of all the DER connected to the electricity grid is critical for sustaining a secure and reliable electricity supply for all Australians. AEMO is establishing an online DER (administered by distributors) Register to record and hold this data. The DER Register will assist AEMO to safely and effectively integrate all DER devices into the electricity grid and market. The coordination of these resources is vital in helping energy consumers to optimise their financial benefit and allow the electricity grid to efficiently manage the two-way power flow.

What does this mean?

The AEMO DER Register went live on 6th March 2020, which means that all new DER installations must now be recorded in AEMO’s DER Register portal within 20 business days of connection. The new DER Portal will collect the information required by AEMO, thereby removing your obligation to update AEMO’s DER Register. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What's a DER?

    DER stands for Distributed Energy Resource. The DER Register will record all small grid-connected generating systems totaling up to 30 MW at a premises, including:

    Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, whether on the building or the ground
    Battery Energy Storage Systems
    Small wind turbines
    Small hydro-electric turbines
    Other renewable energy generating systems
    Gas turbines
    Diesel or petrol generators (grid-connected)
    Electric vehicles configured with Vehicle-to-Home/Vehicle-to-Grid capability.

  • Why do we need a DER Register?

    The Register will give AEMO and Evoenergy better visibility of the collective generation capacity of DER's, which will enable them to run the electricity grid well for the benefit of all Australians. It will also enable us to:

    Forecast, plan and operate the grid more efficiently, ensuring the system and market can deliver energy at an efficient price for all customers
    Be more prepared for major disruptions to the system with a greater understanding of how DER assets will behave during these events
    Prepare the grid for major innovations with DER such as virtual power plants, and enabling customers to consider and participate in new markets with their DER, and
    Allow networks to make better informed decisions about network investment options in the future as demand changes and DER increases

  • What is changing?

    Evoenergy is making changes to our special connection request application form to collect the mandatory DER information, for both new installations and changes to existing installations. This will come into effect from 1 December 2019.

    Examples of the additional DER data to be entered (when relevant) are:

    Panel type, manufacturer and model number
    Number of panels
    Battery type, manufacturer and model number
    Power quality response modes
    Non-inverter generator information.

  • How will this change affect me?

    We’ll need to ask more technical questions about the embedded generation connection you apply for through the DER Portal. This information will then be provided to AEMO by Evoenergy.

    The new DER Portal eliminates your obligation to submit Commissioning Information to AEMO, however you must now provide this information to Evoenergy through the new DER Portal. Evoenergy will then update the commissioning status with AMEO.

  • What is the new process for DER connections with Evoenergy?

    Evoenergy has now transitioned to a DER Portal. The new portal improves the way you submit and track Special Connection Requests (SCRs) and commissioning forms. 

  • When will the full implementation of the DER register go live?

    The AEMO portal is now live. From 6 March, all new DER installations must now be recorded in the AEMO DER Register portal within 20 business days of connection.

    More information about the DER Register

    More information and support on using the AEMO DER Register can be found on the AEMO DER Register webpage or you can email us at

  • What is not changing?

    The collection of the additional DER data does not impact or change:

    Our Embedded Generational application processes, associated fees or timelines.
    Evoenergy applications greater than 30kW. You are still required to submit an Enquiry before the request for a connection can be made.
    You must complete an RFS form to connect to Evoenergy’s network. 
    The issuing of Contracts. Contracts will continue to be granted after satisfactory assessment of your application, when relevant.
    The applicant’s obligations to lodge a new Connect application if any attribute of the proposed installation changes, and await our approval before proceeding to install.

More information about the DER Register

More information can be found on the AEMO DER Register webpage or you can email us at

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