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Together, we can manage electricity demand smarter

From time to time, the ACT electricity network is constrained due to heavy demand. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as extreme weather events that limit network capability or when local electricity supply cannot meet demand, and can result in power outages. As the ACT network is connected to the NSW networks as part of the National Electricity Market (NEM), network use in those states can also impact local demand.

At Evoenergy, we have plans in place to deal with these events when they happen, but we are always looking for better, faster and smarter ways to manage electricity demand through the network — so we have developed Energy Share.

Energy Share is a virtual demand management program, where Evoenergy will work in partnership with eligible customers to manage heavy demand in the network by redirecting their energy resources for short periods of time. Sharing energy across the network in this way can prevent unplanned power outages, and keep the power on during extremely hot or cold days.

Learn more about demand management and what it means for the network.

How does Energy Share work?

When there’s heavy demand for electricity on the network, it only takes a few people in the right area to reduce their energy use for a short time to keep the power on for everyone.

During times of heavy demand for electricity, when we need a short-term demand management solution, we will send participating Energy Share customers an SMS asking them to reduce their energy use from a particular time for a maximum of two hours.

There’s no obligation to participate, however most customers are willing to reduce their energy for two hours to help out the broader community, and maintain a safe and reliable network. This will also help lower the cost of electricity supply to everyone in the ACT, as the network can operate more efficiently without having to invest more in the poles and wires to manage demand.

Throughout April, May and June 2019 we conducted a special Energy Share SMS trial that helped us learn more about how we can share energy across the network, and manage electricity demand across the ACT better. Results from this trial will be published on the Evoenergy website in the coming months.

Can I participate in the Energy Share SMS Program?

The Energy Share SMS program has now closed and currently there are no further events planned. To register your interest for future programs, please email  

Tips for residents to reduce energy use include:

  • Turn off unnecessary lighting
  • Minimise use of cooking equipment
  • Consolidate refrigeration and turn off unnecessary fridges
  • Avoid use of dishwashers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners and TVs
  • Turn off domestic pool pumping and heating operation
  • Avoid use of TV monitors or computers for gaming purposes
  • Restrict use of air conditioning (set temperature to 26°C or higher)
  • Restrict use of heating (set temperature to 18°C or lower)
  • Turn off appliances usually left in standby mode — including TVs, DVDs, videos, stereos, computers, microwave ovens, battery chargers and portable power supplies.

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