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Our demand side engagement strategy

Evoenergy’s Demand Side Engagement Strategy aims to create a cooperative and proactive relationship with customers and proponents of non-network solutions and involve them with Evoenergy’s network planning and expansion.

Evoenergy encourages customers and potential non-network service providers to participate in the Evoenergy demand management activities with the objective that future network problems can be met by a full range of solutions to achieve optimal economical and technical outcomes.

Evoenergy’s Demand Side Engagement Strategy objectives are:

1. Support Demand Side Management (DSM) and provide opportunities for consumers and non-network service providers to participate in addressing network supply limitations.

2. Develop and apply a transparent DSM process for network planning and development.

3. Develop a suite of demand management tools and alliances to readily facilitate non-network

Evoenergy’s demand side management planning process begins with forecasting of future demand and identification of network constraints. We then examine demand management options internally before running a public consultation to get ideas from the community on what we could be doing.

After an initial assessment of those ideas we look for someone who can implement any ideas that we think will be workable and will show a better return than the best network option. It may be that the person or organisation who suggested the idea is chosen to implement it, but our procurement rules mean that we will almost always take a project to market to find out who can do it most efficiently for the community.

Download our demand side engagement strategy.

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