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Generators connected to the distribution network are called Embedded Generating Units. These embedded generators are located throughout our distribution network and are not directly connected to our transmission network.

Embedded generating units may comprise of different types of generation including, but not limited to: 

Solar Photovoltaic
Biogas (from Land fill sites)
Wind turbines
Micro hydro

The capacity can vary from a small 1 kW domestic solar photovoltaic generating unit to a large solar farm over 20 MW in capacity.

The process for connecting an embedded generating unit to the Evoenergy network changes depending on the total system capacity. To assist proponents, system categories have been determined based on total system capacity. These categories are: Micro, Low Voltage (LV), High Voltage (HV) and Registered Generator.

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Network connection options

System Category Total System Capacity Type Of Generator
Micro <= 10 kVA single-phase (excluding ESS)
<= 30 kVA three-phase (excluding ESS)
Inverter Energy System (IES)
Low Voltage (LV) Not a micro EG system & < 1.5 MVA* Inverter Energy System (IES)
Non Inverter Energy System (non-IES)
High Voltage (HV) Not a Micro or LV EG system & < 5MVA** Inverter Energy System (IES)
Non Inverter Energy System (non-IES)
Registered Generator > 5 MVA & registered within the NEM by AEMO Inverter Energy System (IES)
Non Inverter Energy System (non-IES)

*The maximum LV system capacity of 1.5 MVA is the indicative limit for proponents before being required to implement a HV connection. Proponents applying to connect near or above this capacity should contact Evoenergy to determine if an LV connection is appropriate.
**HV Embedded generation systems may have a capacity greater than or equal to 5 MW granted that it has been issued with a specific registration exemption by AEMO.

Guidelines and reference documents

Evoenergy embedded generation connection requirements
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Evoenergy low voltage embedded generation technical requirements
Evoenergy high voltage embedded generation technical requirements
Technical performance requirements for the connection of large scale embedded generators to Evoenergy’s network
Solar connections FAQS
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