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  • What is the aim of the Energy Consumer Reference Council?

    The ECRC is an independent forum providing representatives of the community with an opportunity to provide considered input into operations and long term planning of Evoenergy. The ECRC will consider matters relevant to the distribution of gas and electricity by Evoenergy, not matters relating to ActewAGL Retail.

  • Why was the ECRC established?

    The ECRC was formed in late 2014 to continue Evoenergy’s ongoing commitment to understand and respond to the needs and preferences of its electricity and gas consumers. The ECRC is an information and engagement forum.

  • Who is on the ECRC?

    The ECRC is chaired by an external representative who is independent of Evoenergy day to day operations.

    Mr Allan Williams was appointed inaugural chair.

    Stakeholder representative organisations provide a representative to attend ECRC meetings. Represented organisations are shown in the ECRC membership wheel.

  • How will the ECRC perform its role?

    The ECRC meets regularly to discuss relevant energy market consumer issues, and is supported by a secretariat from Evoenergy. The ECRC seeks meaningful feedback from consumer representatives on key issues in the sector and:

    Provides information and support to foster deeper understanding of the issues and challenges.
    Arranges facilitation of discussions on these issues.
    Receives feedback on the outcomes of consumer engagement discussions.

    Members of the ECRC draw on input from their representative organisations to fulfil a broader consumer representative role.

  • How do I find out what the ECRC are discussing?

    Agendas, minutes and meeting papers are available to the public.

  • Can I contribute to the ECRC?

    There are two ways you can contribute to the ECRC discussions: through a member organisation, and by contacting the Evoenergy ECRC Secretariat:

    Giuliana Baggoley, Customer Interaction Manager
    Phone: 0459 873 434

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