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Application for company accreditation

Accreditation is the process of ensuring that a company, wishing to carry out work on or near Evoenergy electricity network, has the necessary level of skills, resources and insurance to undertake the work in a safe and reliable way.  Evoenergy has obligations to ensure that anyone working on or near its electricity network is adequately and safely trained.  Evoenergy takes these obligations seriously.

For a company to be accredited and utilise authorised individuals to work on or near the Evoenergy electricity network, they must provide, as a minimum, the following documentation to Evoenergy on an annual basis for assessment:

  1. Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance of not less than $20 million
  2. Certificate of Currency for Worker’s Compensation/ Personal injury Insurance (Owner/operator) that meets statutory requirements;
  3. An appropriate Safety Plan and/or Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management Plan and/or high risk Safe Work Method Statement/s (SWMS)
    1. work health & safety management systems;
      1. business management systems;
      2. environmental management systems;
      3. resource management systems; and
      4. performance management systems
  4. Statutory declarations regarding the currency and maintenance of insurances and HSE plans. Different declarations are required when working for the public as compared to being engaged directly to undertake work for Evoenergy.

Please first complete the form below. Once Evoenergy has received your application, you will be provided with log on details to Beakon to upload your supporting documents.


Application for company accreditation form

Please note the following

Security Policy

Information collected in this document is for the purpose of assessing you and your employees’ ability to work on or near Evoenergy’s electricity network, safety related purposes, and any other purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose and store your information. Read Evoenergy's privacy policy and security statement

Accreditation to work on or near Evoenergy’s electricity network will automatically lapse if an annual renewal is not received prior to the expiry date, each year. Evoenergy reserves its rights to deal with and report any unaccredited work undertaken on or near its electricity network to Worksafe ACT, the Utilities Technical Regulator or the Police.

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