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Extreme heat and planned works update

Planned outages update

17 Dec 2019

Due to the higher temperature forecast for this week and into early next week, we’ve carefully reviewed all planned works.

We must balance the health and wellbeing of staff and the community with the need to conduct critical maintenance to ensure the network remains safe and reliable. We have postponed the majority of works during this extended period of hot weather, however a small number of essential works will continue. If we don’t do some essential work in a controlled and planned environment, it increases the risk of more serious and prolonged unplanned outages and damage to the network.

We understand that being without power is inconvenient, especially in these conditions, and our crews work as quickly and safely as possible to get the job done and get the power back on. We are also putting additional crews on to ensure we can get the critical work completed faster in the cooler part of the day.

As weather conditions can change, we will continue to review our planned works on a daily basis and will update the schedule on our website.

You can see our planned works at

Unplanned power outages can also occur during extreme heat conditions and customers are encouraged to report any outages or damage they see to electrical infrastructure to Evoenergy’s 24-hour electricity emergency and faults line 13 10 93.

Thanks to the Evoenergy crews who work around the clock to ensure the ACT energy network remains one of the most reliable in Australia.

For information on fire bans, weather warnings and fire danger ratings, visit the ACT Emergency Services Agency website at and the NSW Rural Fire Service website at

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