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Keeping the power reliable and safe at your place over summer


29 Nov 2019

Early December is the perfect time to check for hazards around your property to help keep the power reliable and safe over the summer season. We can’t control the weather, but there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk of power outages or network related safety incidents at home when it’s hot.

Inspect vegetation

Poorly managed vegetation affects the reliability of the electricity network and poses a bushfire risk, so it’s important to conduct regular inspections and make sure trees on your property are at least 1.5 metres clear of powerlines.
For your own safety, make sure you call an Evoenergy-accredited arborist to trim trees that are too close to powerlines.
If you are planting, be mindful of the species you choose to ensure that at maturity it will not be too close to network assets on your property such as power poles and lines.

Be bushfire smart

Before the start of the bushfire season, remove combustible material from around your home, clean your gutters and roof, and prepare a bushfire survival plan.
In the event of a bushfire, stay clear of fallen or sagging powerlines and anything touching them and call the Evoenergy faults and emergency call centre on 13 10 93.

Stay alert

Keep an eye out for vegetation that is overhanging powerlines in parks and reserves that are too close to powerlines and report it to Evoenergy.
Tell Evoenergy if you see damaged or vandalised electrical equipment such as substations, mini pillars or poles by calling 13 10 93.
Check for weather warnings, total fire danger ratings and bans at for the ACT or for NSW.

Over the summer months, if there are consecutive hot days and too much demand on the electricity network, the Australian Energy Market Operator may require Canberrans to monitor or reduce their energy use to ensure we can keep the lights on for everyone. Stay weather alert, and look out for network messages from Evoenergy during extreme heat.

See more information about managing vegetation around electricity poles and network assets and how you can prepare for the bushfire season.

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