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Have your say in ourĀ five year plan for the gas network


24 Oct 2019

You may not know a lot about us, but we are present every single day in your lives. When you turn the lights on, switch on the TV, turn on the gas cooker to cook dinner or run the bath with hot water it is our privileged role to make sure we deliver energy - both gas and electricity - safely and reliably to your homes and businesses 24/7.

And part of this responsibility is planning for the future and that we invest in the network smartly and sustainably to meet the needs of Canberrans.

Every five years, Evoenergy is required to propose to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) how much we plan to spend operating, maintaining and investing in our networks and how these costs should be recovered from our customers. For electricity, we are now operating in our new 2019-2024 Electricity 5-year plan and for gas, we are in the process of developing our plan for the ACT, Queanbeyan and Bungendore gas network for the 2021-26 regulatory period (the GN21 Plan).

ACT gas network prices are among the lowest in the country and Evoenergy's charges, for use of the network to transport gas network to your home, make up about a quarter of an average residential customer's gas bill. But we know that the cost of energy is an important consideration for people's budgets. So as we plan for the next 5-year period, we have an important responsibility to make sure every dollar is invested wisely to operate and maintain the network as efficiently as possible.

Part of this planning period also includes us working towards the ACT Government's target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 and what that means for how we operate and invest in the network.

Get involved

As we develop our plan, we want to hear from you and what's important to you when considering what you want from your network provider and how you use gas. This is a key part of our planning process.

There are a few ways to get involved and have your say. We'll be sharing updates on the development of our plan for you to provide your input.

Complete our gas survey (5-10 minutes) - we want to hear your thoughts about the future of natural gas in the ACT.

Citizens' Jury
We have recruited 30 representatives of our local community to join a Citizens' Jury and provide recommendations to us on customer views and expectations. A Citizens' Jury is a form of deliberative community engagement involving a group of randomly selected citizens who reflect the diversity of the community. They are given the time, information and support (from professional, independent facilitators) to work together to consider a range of information and hear from independent expert speakers; identify and discuss customers' expectations as we transform the gas network to meet the ACT Government's 2045 zero net greenhouse gas emission target and prepare a recommendations report for our submission to the AER for the 2021-26 period.

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