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Gas-Plus Smart Home: Home One Complete

Gas Plus Smart Home

05 Feb 2019

Evoenergy has worked with a local Googong family, the Toscan’s, to build and trial Australia’s first Gas-Plus Smart Home.

The family of five moved into the Smart Home in November 2018 as part of a trial to gather gas consumption data from a number of different household appliances to understand usage patterns, the efficiency of gas in the Canberra climate, individual appliance efficiencies, and to facilitate the advancement of natural gas appliance smart-home solutions. These culminate to provide a better understanding of the role of natural gas in the ACT.

Full data configuration for the home is complete and Evoenergy can now view historical and real time data of all key heating and cooling appliances as well as the temperature inside and outside of the home. Information gathered from this data will be available to share with industry after the initial 12 months of the trial.

Evoenergy Gas Branch Manager, Will Yeap said, “Gas-Plus Smart Home is an initiative by Evoenergy to find a hybrid smart gas and electricity home that provides solutions to a customer to cut down the costs of energy as well as maintaining the comfort and the lifestyle that we know families really want in our gas network.” 

“Using a real family in a Canberra climate, the trial will allow us to ensure gas is continued be used in the ACT and has sustainability for the future,” he said.

The Toscon family have chosen to be a part of the trial as they are interested in the opportunity to track energy usage and efficiency of their home in real-time.

Homeowner Emma-Jane Toscan said, “the opportunity to optimise the way in which we utilise our appliances when we use them, how we use them, in order to get the best result was a big deal for us.”

The Gas-Plus Smart Home trial will run for a duration of three years and Evoenergy is anticipating to sign on two more Smart Homes within the coming months. 

More information on the Gas-Plus Smart Home trial here:



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